Family Nutrition Program

Adult Programs

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Teach limited-resource adults how to improve their lives while making friends & having fun.


  • Create healthy meals for the whole family
    • Experienced Nutrition Outreach Instructors demonstrate cooking and food prep techniques
    • Participants take home new recipes each class
  • Feel better all day
    • Tips and techniques are shared to help participants have more energy and learn easy ways to move more
  • Create a safe and successful home environment
    • Food safety is practiced in each lesson
    • Participants learn ways to involve kids in cooking
  • Save money and spend wisely
    • Participants discover how to stretch food dollars by planning menus, developing a food budget and practical ways to save money at the grocery store
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Our Adult Nutrition Outreach Instructors work with families who hope to better their lives by eating better, being more active, keeping the family safe, and spending wisely. Classes are held in a group setting at various locations like community centers, schools, churches, or even food pantries. Meeting times and dates are flexible, and are determined by the instructor. To take part, contact the Nutrition Outreach Instructor in your county through the West Virginia University Extension office.

Success Stories

  • “At age 55, (my participant) is seeing a difference; she is eating breakfast daily, losing weight, and not feeling hungry.”
  • ”...she told me that even though she was just 11 years old, she listened to everything I said and she would try to make sure her mom followed my instructions.”
  • “Betty was amazed at what she had eaten and what she should have eaten. Betty said, ‘I don’t know how I could have lived to be 80 years, but I sure can see I’m not nourishing my body…I have learned a lot about what I should be eating daily.’”
  • “Of the eight students, four got jobs, and two went back to college, one of whom received a full academic scholarship. She said she didn’t know she was so smart until this class.”

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